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What does it do?

We've collated data about all the cars currently available in the UK, both new and used.

We serve images of cars that the system thinks you may like, and you simply tell us if you like it or not. We then begin to tailor the car suggestions based on your choices using a clever maths algorithm. We hope to suggest other models that you'll like and to narrow down to that perfect car for you.

Once you've indicated a few cars you like, you can use the compare view to easily compare the details of each model such as performance, fuel consumption, emissions, boot size etc... to find the one car that meets your needs.

If you use the Rate option then you can help other users of the site by improving the data we hold about the cars. These personal ratings mean we can learn about more subjective factors such as attractiveness and prestige - stuff computers aren't very good at judging without some help!

This is currently in 'beta' which means we're still learning what works and what doesn't. We really value your feedback to help us improve so please don't be shy and get in touch.